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Accoya - Benefits, Performance and Guarantee

Benefits of Accoya​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Accoya wood offers you an environmentally compatible, durable wood that can be used with confidence in outdoor applications and will last for many, many years. Accoya wood forms an effective barrier to insect attack; it is indigestible to micro organisms and insects and therefore more durable to wood-destroying fungi and virtually rot-proof.

The Accoya wood manufacturing process is Non Toxic and adds nothing to the wood that does not naturally occur. Accoya is 100% environmentally friendly FSC sourced timber ideal for garden use - unlike lower cost 'treated timber' which can contain toxic chemicals.

The process is called Acetylation, which is a process whereby the timber is treated at high pressure with a Acetic Anhydride, this is a non toxic process which modifies the timber wood cells, reducing and preventing both moisture absorption in addition to an increase of the natural occurring Acetyl components of wood structure.

Accoya Dimensional Stability

Most timber movement, shrinkage or swelling is caused by moisture. Accoya wood has remarkable dimensional stability due to the wood cell ability to resist moisture absorption.

Accoya wood, with minimal movement benefits the physical properties of timber construction, wood joints and fitting of wood components, this has huge benefits for 'Sash Window that don't stick due to wood movement' but benefits all items made using Accoya wood.

Paint and other wood finishes have been tested on Accoya timber and have shown to last twice as long, due to the surface finish not be 'stressed' by movement of the wood caused by swelling or shrinkage.

For more information please visit the Accoya Website following the link below.​​​​​​


Accoya Durability

The ability of Accoya to resist moisture absorption helps prevent rot or decay which is caused by mould or fungus.  

For more information please visit the Accoya Website following the link below.​​​​​​​

Accoya - Timber Warranty

Accoya has a written warranty for its durability and long life.

This Warranty is exclusive to the original purchaser of Accoya® wood, plus the original owner of any structure on which the Accoya® wood is installed and the next owner of that structure. It is non-transferable or assignable to any other person.

View Accoya Warranty online

Sustainable Timber FSC

All the timber that we use, Oak, Accoya and Medite Tricoya Extreme panels are FSC sourced and are fully traceable.